Art Consignment Agreements

Artwork Archive`s reporting features help artists save hundreds of hours with easy-to-create delivery reports that can be created with just a few clicks. Shipping reports will help you and the gallery keep an overview of what you`ve delivered, what`s been sold, and what needs to be returned. It is useful for you and the gallery to make available a copy of the shipment report to ensure that all your work is invoiced (either sold or returned). Who is responsible for damage to work on the show? The deductible of the insurance deducted by whom? Is it ethically acceptable for a gallery to store consignment items? In general, in situations where you would use a broadcast report, an artist makes gallery art available free of charge. The gallery then agrees to sell this art for a commission (normally 40% or 50%). Shippers should always know where their artwork is and who can own it. Consignment contracts, especially for a large property with a number of objects, can operate for years, and art can be moved over several years between different locations or even as a series of shipments from one art dealer to others (whose identity may not be known to the sender). 16. Duration and termination of the shipment. The artist and the gallery agree that the initial shipping time of the work will last until __200__ and that the artist will not request the return of the artwork before that date, unless the gallery does not comply with the agreement.

Thereafter, this agreement will continue until written notification of the denunciation by one of the parties to the other party. Within thirty days of the notice of termination, all invoices are to be paid and all unsold works of art are returned to the artist at the expense of the gallery. The contract ends automatically with the death of the artist or when the gallery is bankrupt, bankrupt or in breach of contract. 18. Governing Law. The laws of consignment vary from state to state. Normally, the artist-gallery relationship is subject to the right in which the gallery is located. The second half of the book, The Artist-Gallery Partnership, by Crawford & Mellon, deals with different state laws that govern consignment contracts….

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