Buganda Agreement Of 1900

This is only due to the fact that I don`t really have power over my people, even over the chief`s smallest desk,» Chwa said, according to Baganda and the British supremacy of 1900-1995 by Low and Pratt. Any order given, whether by my local chief or by the Lukiiko themselves, is always regarded with contempt, unless confirmed by the provincial commissioner. Chwa`s oath growing up showed how much Buganda had been subjected. Before the signing of the agreement, the entire country of Buganda belonged to the Kabaka, hence the title Sabataka. Officials of the Kingdom. Regent Stanislas Mugwanya (center) with other Buganda chiefs in the 1890s, during the reign of Kabaka Daudi Chwa II. Regents and chiefs benefited from the distribution of land according to the Buganda Agreement of 1900, which rewarded them for their collaboration with the British…

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