Columbia Valley Credit Union Collective Agreement

PFM COMMUNICATION OF ACCESS CODE AND CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION TO LINKED ACCOUNTS – You authorize Central 1 Financial Institution and its respective representatives, representatives and service providers (referred to as «F.I. Affiliates» only for the purposes of these pfm Special Terms) and Yodlee to collect, use and disclose your personal data, including your personal access codes. to link external accounts to your account with the financial institution and to regularly access external accounts, update your personal data and perform data analysis for all linked accounts, in order to present information and reports to you and your financial institution with a personal summary of all your linked accounts and transactions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this provision is not considered to in any way reduce your obligations and responsibilities with respect to personal access to and verification of external accounts and any other compliance with agreements with third parties holding such external accounts, nor, in any way, any right of access to information that you grant under this Agreement: a commitment from the financial institution. Central 1 or the PFM service provider to alert you or notify you of unusual or unauthorized account activity on an account or external accounts. You understand that institutions that hold your external accounts may prohibit the disclosure of your personal access codes and that it is your responsibility to confirm that your yodlee personal access codes may be disclosed for the purpose of interswitching external accounts. That`s what we do, the F.I. Affiliates or Yodlee not confirmed. During the four-year agreement, MoveUP members receive salary increases of 2.5 percent in years 1 and 2 and 2.75 percent in years three and four.

In 2017, we learned of the possible merger of seven credit unions in the Kootenay – Boundary – Columbia Valley area. MoveUP members in Columbia Valley Credit Union are concerned about the impact of the potential merger on the expiration of the collective agreement in June 2018 and […] «As in many tariff negotiations, there are problems that are going to come to the front,» Bromley said. «They saw where their peers were in terms of salaries, and they saw that they were quite lagging behind.» During Sarah Melsness` absence, Alicia Gallo will be the main union representative responsible for caring for members of the Columbia Valley Credit Union. If a member has any questions or concerns regarding an employment issue, please contact your work steward. Union representative Alicia Gallo can work at the union office at 604-299-0378 or by email at Job […] The decision was made on Oct. 15 and raises questions about the wages and parity of benefits that other credit unions in the Kootenay and Columbia area receive. VERIFICATION AND ACCEPTANCE OF TRANSACTIONS BY US – All transactions are subject to verification and acceptance by us, and if they are not accepted or are subsequently found to be erroneous or otherwise inappropriate or unauthorized, the financial institution may cancel them from the account, but is not required to do so. . .


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