St Paul`s Agreement

MacLeish said Thursday that the agreement between the attorney general and St. Paul will set a precedent for public regulation of private schools that, unlike public schools in the past, have operated unattended. Richards and St. Paul`s Board of Trustees President Archibald Cox Jr. sent a letter Thursday to members of the school community informing them of the agreement, which they said will continue to be discussed with current students. A deal that puts St. Paul`s School under state trusteeship is the first of its kind for an educational institution in New Hampshire and could serve as a model for other states responding to a history of sexual abuse and misconduct at prestigious preparatory schools, legal experts say. «We agree with the agreement. We are in good standing to have a deal,» Cox said. «After several decades of scrutiny and other decades of ethical and legal violations that preceded the school`s review, it seems to me that it is at best an understatement to agree with the agreement,» Johnson said. «Remember, as we must do, that this agreement is a criminal investigation and has resulted in a stay of proceedings until the school fulfills the compliance obligations for which it has failed in the past. To the extent that the school avoided lawsuits, the school may be in good standing with (the agreement), but as this makes the case for the health of the school, the school`s assessment remains a concern today.

Chuck Douglas, a Concord-based attorney, said the settlement agreement was a proposition that lawyers in other states could certainly view in the future as an accountability and implementation mechanism. Douglas, who represented the parents of sexual assault survivors Chessy Prout in a civil action against St. Paul, said victims have been calling for oversight in St. Paul for some time, and the deal is a solid first step in responding to those calls. Attorney General Gordon MacDonald on Thursday announced the settlement agreement that sets out the position of an independent monitor tasked with ensuring St Paul complies with the state`s mandatory reporting laws. The attorney general is renouncing to prosecute Concord Prep School for child risk after a 14-month criminal investigation in favor of what he called «comprehensive reform.» In 1900, Inspector John O`Connor of Saint Paul was promoted to chief of police for the city. At a time marked by illegal activities such as smuggling, gambling and blackmail, O`Connor devised a plan to keep crime out of Saint Paul – by harboring criminals there.

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