Abbreviation For Maintenance Agreement

How do I shorten the word maintenance? This handy guide helps you understand abbreviations for maintenance and use. We look at the definition, the synonyms and some examples of the word and the abbreviation in the context. Maintenance refers to the general act of care, updating or rearing. After, the interview can be defined as: The plural form, the interviews, would be in abbreviated many. or mnts. «The county said it needed to find about $8.2 million more, To access a sustainable 20-year road maintenance schedule for its 650 miles.» -Greenville News «Stadler US Inc. received its first maintenance contract in the United States after receiving a 15-year service contract of $112 million from the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Board of Directors.» – Global Railway Review word maintenance are not widely used outside of commercial, real estate and construction circles. You can find the abbreviation on business cards or on signs. You can also find abbreviations in titles, vacancy notices or short notes, wherever space is limited. «However, the high cost of developing and maintaining control and control systems and subsystems is holding back market growth.» -Yahoo! Finance Find the meanings of the acronyms and abbreviations used by UCSD. «In these scenarios, semi-annual or annual preventative maintenance using a thermal imaging camera provides you with the best protection against costly downtime.» – MachineDesign «A deal must be considered in its entirety to estimate its value, but in terms of scope, we have increased the amount of aircraft maintenance that our members will perform on national territory and the volume of international maintenance that could be outsourced.

, said Joe Tiberi, Chief of Staff of the International Association of Machinists, which represents maintenance workers in the former United States.

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