Article 20 Of The Agreement On Agriculture

109 There is a political agreement on this issue within the European Commission, MEMO/13/621 (n 96); For the old proposed regulation, see European Commission, COM (2011) 625, Art 29-33. It is significant that this «greening goes beyond conditionality»: ibid., explanatory statement, 7-8 96 European Commission, COM (2011) 627, preamble (37) and Article 5. You will find another political agreement on these reforms within the European Commission, MEMO/13/621, «CAP Reform – A Statement of the Main Elements,» Brussels, 26 June 2013. Although the 11th Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires (10-13 December 2017) was the culmination of substantial progress on the Doha agenda, it ultimately achieved very limited results. These included the obligation to continue work on a number of topics, including agriculture (without specific work programmes) and various country group statements on issues of common interest 131 WTO, Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration (WT/MIN(05)/DEC), 22 December 2005, para. 6. However, an agreement in Hong Kong did not rule out further negotiations on details (for example. B value and volume commitments): e.g. B «Paper Challenge» of April 30, 2007 paragraph 55, accessed May 7, 2013. 62 European Communities – Customs nomenclature of certain computer equipment (5 June 1998) WT/DS62/AB/AB, WT/DS67/AB and WT/DS68/AB/R, para. 84 (repeatedly in the context of agricultural trade in Canada- Dairy import and export measures (October 13, 1999) WT/DS103/AB/R and WT/DS113/AB/R, point 131). On the other hand, the terms of the GATT cannot be used as a basis for dispute resolution procedures, but can be used for interpretive purposes: see p.B.

European Communities-Export Subsidies on Sugar (15 October 2004) WT/DS265/R, paragraph 7.350 (where the panel states that «[GATT`s terms] are not a covered agreement and therefore cannot provide WTO rights and obligations to members. Nevertheless, they could be important for the interpretation of the Agreement on Agriculture, including the schedules of members. Four new decisions on agriculture were adopted at the Nairobi Ministerial Conference, which concerned (b) the impact of reduction commitments on world trade in agriculture; In view of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), signed in Geneva in 1947, and the world trade organization (WTO) agreement signed in Marrakech in 1994 (OJ L 1994, p. The European Union and its Member States act in accordance with Article 207 (Common Trade Policy) and Articles 217 and 218 (International Agreements) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (5.2.2).

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