Court Order Or Written Agreement

In considering such applications, both the Divorce Act and the Family Law Act require the court to consider the best interests of the child and not the needs or interests of the parties. Under the Family Law Act, the court cannot modify or modify a valid agreement. If the court is convinced that an agreement needs to change, the court will annul the parts of the agreement that cause the problem and make a decision in place of the parts of the agreement that have been annulled. Article 214 of the Act provides that . convinced that the agreement is not in the best interests of the child. This is different from children who spend the same amount of time with each parent. If the court considers that the parents should have the same parental responsibility, it must verify whether the same time with each parent would be in the best interests of the children and whether it is reasonably practicable. There are different tests that the court will apply depending on whether the legal guardians have «substantially the same parental leave». The moving guardian, in accordance with Article 69 (4), must prove that: if the parties have an existing injunction or agreement regarding educational agreements, the Family Act establishes two new tests to determine whether a guardian can move if another guardian objects. (a) the order replaces the part of the agreement that was introduced and the legal review that the Tribunal must apply to annul part of an agreement depends on the nature of the amendment requested. .

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