Data Centre Hosting Agreement

14.8.2 Datacentre UK`s aggregate liability in respect of the contract, unlawful act (including negligence or breach of statutory obligations), misrepresentation (innocent or negligent), refund or any other result related to the performance or intended performance of this service contract is equal to 110% of the amount of the services in the 12 months preceding the date, the price paid is limited to the outcome of the claim; In the event of a hard drive failure, we will provide you with adequate help in recovering data, but please note that it is possible to restore data and it is your responsibility to back up data. 12.2 Where Datacentre UK makes a domain name available to the Customer as part of the Services, Datacentre UK acts as an agent for the Customer in its dealings with the competent domain name registration authority. The domain name contract is concluded between the customer and the competent domain name registration authority and the customer agrees to be solely responsible for renewals, legal, technical, administrative, billing or other requirements imposed by the competent domain name registration authority (and the relevant costs and expenses). Datacentre UK does not guarantee that the requested domain name does not infringe the rights of third parties and all such requests are the responsibility of the customer. 15.6.3 Where Datacentre UK receives, no later than ten days after the effective date of termination or expiry of this Service Agreement, a written request regarding the provision to the Customer of the last backup of the Customer`s Data, Datacentre UK shall make commercially appropriate efforts to ensure the Customer`s backup within 30 days of receipt of such written request, in the format or in a format such as that of the customer, at that time. (and at customer`s expense) is reasonably required, provided that customer has paid at that time all outstanding fees and charges at the time of termination (whether or not due at the time of termination). Once this ten-day period has elapsed or Datacentre UK, at the customer`s request, has made available to the customer the last backup of the customer`s data (if any), Datacentre UK will immediately delete from the system and destroy or otherwise eliminate all customer data in its possession or control. The customer shall bear all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Datacentre UK in returning and returning customer data and deleting it from the system. 8.2.2 It owns or has all necessary licenses, permissions, permissions and rights to enable Datacenter UK to comply with the Service Agreement and to use the intellectual property rights necessary for the performance of all its obligations under this Service Agreement, including for the use and receipt of the Services by the Customer, and Datacentre UK may not breach the provisions of these necessary licenses. n.

cause consents, authorizations and rights or their violation; (a) Global Agreement: Together, this Agreement, each service agreement performed and the service level agreement and colocation access procedures include the entire agreement between ColoHouse and the customer with respect to the provision of colocation services and access to the corporate network and data center. This agreement supersedes all prior negotiations, understandings and understandings, written or oral, between ColoHouse and the customer. 2.7 With the exception of clause 2, Datacentre UK is not liable to the customer for the device`s or hardware`s failure to comply with the warranty set out in clause 2.4. «Data Controller» has the meaning given to this term in current data protection legislation. The term «processor» is the meaning given in current data protection legislation. The designated Review Owner («Document Owner») is responsible for enabling periodic checks of this document. . . .

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