Rule 28 Of The Common Regulations Under The Madrid Agreement

(ii) in the event of an extension of a corresponding extension within the meaning of the 1996 Act. `common regulations`, the regulations adopted under Article 10 of the Madrid Protocol; 6. The holder of an international trademark has, subject to these provisions, the same rights and remedies granted to the holder of a trademark registered under the 1996 Act and is subject to the same conditions as the holder of a trademark registered under the 1996 Act. 14. (a) The duration of protection for an international trademark is ten years from the date of international registration under Article 3.c) If, at the time of the transformation, a notice was not issued under Regulation 8, paragraph 1, but the processor issued a notification of refusal in accordance with Regulation 7, paragraph 2 , the refusal notification is treated as if it had been made in accordance with Section 42, paragraph 2. (b) notification of refusal has been made, but the final decision, notified to the International Office in accordance with Regulation 9, must be designed in such a way that protection is granted (for some or all products and services covered by the notification of the international registration that designates the State), b) the registration of the refusal on the basis of an objection under Regulation 8 or (2) where the mark subject to paragraph 1 is not entitled to protection in the State regulations 8 or 2. Regulation 12 at the time of the transformation: these regulations define the procedures to be followed with regard to trademarks and trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol. 3. Where a notice of refusal is issued in accordance with paragraph 2, the procedure in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of the regulation applies, if applicable, to the correction in question. 4. Within three months of notification of refusal, on the basis of opposition to the International Office referred to in paragraph 3, the holder may submit a response and, if the holder does so, must provide an address of service or notification in the state. (i) in the case of an international registration that designates the state, to equalize the taxes on a corresponding application and a corresponding registration under the 1996 Act, and (a) where a holder is responsible for the treatment in paragraph 2, it provides the processing officer with a letter of service and paragraphs 1 and 2 of Rule 10 of the 1996 rule apply. (a) If the references to the international registration attesting to the state were included in an application for trademark registration under the 1996 Act, the application would meet the registration requirements (8) If the refusal was notified under Regulation 7, paragraph 2, or if the refusal was made on the basis of an objection under Regulation 8, paragraph 3 , in accordance with Regulation 8 (3), the processing manager notifies the International Bureau of this decision after making a final decision to refuse.

I, Tom Kitt, Minister of State in the Ministry of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, in the exercise of the powers vested in me by paragraphs 59, 66, 69 and 81 of the Trademark Act, 1996 (No. 6 of 1996) (in the «Enterprise and Employment» Regulation (change in the name of the department and the title of the Minister), 1997 (p. I.

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