Stock Transport Scheduling Agreement Sap

The test rule is specified here, you determine the needs or stocks to check before the transfer. Choose from the Purchase menu the Order Order supplier/delivery plant option known to create. Choose The UB order type and the U item category (relocation). By default, the delivery indicator (ELIKZ) is automatically placed at the receipt of the product if the amount of GR is the same as the amount of GI. This is the case for intergroup and intragroup transfers. Delivery of the total amount of material indicated in a delivery plan item is distributed, over a period of time, in a delivery plan consisting of positions indicating the different quantities with the expected delivery dates. If you have selected in the customizing the outsourcing tolerance for relocations, the delivery is considered finished for the contract. The remaining quantity is no longer considered a need in the delivery facility. These specifications are used when deliveries with transfer plans are made through the SAP component «ENVOI SD», i.e.

deliveries against the delivery plan are recorded in the SD shipping system. 4. Enter the delivery plan of the delivery plan by selecting the framework agreement ® delivery agreement ® the delivery plan ® Management. However, a delivery plan is a form of purchase framework contract in which materials are purchased on specified dates within a specified time frame. A delivery plan consists of a set of items for which a type of supply is defined. You can request a reshuffle in an order request. In transfer titles, partial delivery and delivery indicators are relevant to items. If you change the layout data (for example. B quantity or date) on the planning screen in repositioning accounts (order, order request and delivery plan), the system automatically verifies availability.

This implies assigning a control rule for availability controls in customizing for purchase. In the «purchase mm» component, a contract is a kind of purchase framework contract, against which agreed equipment or services can be issued when necessary for a given period of time.

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