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Consider this example: Parties A and B enter into an agreement that causes Party A to lose the right to extend by two years. Party A decides to exercise this right for four years and then stops. Many people don`t want to be tied to automatic extensions. It`s too easy to keep busy and forget to review a contract. While notification software can help, not everyone will benefit. It is generally best to avoid these types of contracts whenever possible. Look for agreements that, where possible, have a specific beginning and end. 10.3 Subscribers should be aware that some services may contain SEDOL data and that the use of these services may require a subscriber to have a license from the London Stock Exchange. More details on the terms of these licences. 10.6 To enable EDI to ensure compliance with the terms of this Agreement, and in particular the conditions set out in clause 2.2 above and clause 10 above, EDI may not designate more than once every twelve (12) months and after at least sixty (60) days of written notification and, during normal business hours, or an appropriate and suitably qualified external party («the auditor») to perform a control of a subscriber`s use of the data («the trial»). The examination shall also take place at the subscriber`s premises, which the subscriber, in agreement with EDI, considered to be the most appropriate place for the examination. The audit volume is limited to a demonstration of all databases and/or products and/or services («Subscriber Products») in which the Data is used by the Subscriber and a demonstration of the processes used to manage the incoming Data, including controlling its distribution within the Subscriber, to determine the use of the Data («Demonstrations»).

The sole purpose of the events is to demonstrate to the auditor that there is no breach of the requirement for authorized internal use. 16.2.3 EDI shall pay the Subscriber any subscription relating to a period after the termination of the Service Contract, less an amount of the remaining fees. 22.1 The Service Contract represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter of the Service Contract and there are no conditions, warranties, conditions, insurance, ancillary contracts, promises or other obligations, written, oral or implied, other than those expressly contained in the Service Agreement. They may contain: «This Agreement shall be extended by one (1) year) at the end of the current term, unless neither party announces termination at least 30 days before the expiration of the current term. This Agreement is renewed for a maximum period of four (4) consecutive periods. » 2.1 EDI makes the services available to the subscriber under the terms of the service contract which contains these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. . . .

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