Trondek Hwech`in Final Agreement

2.2 If Yukon is responsible for issuing a decision document for a project in the Tr`ondëk Hwëch`in Traditional Area, which will be reviewed by a YDAB body, the Minister of Yukon may request in the decision document that the project proponent, Tr`ondëk Hwëch`in and Yukon negotiate a project agreement. 7.2 An agreement provided for in point 7.1 shall indicate whether the agreement is binding on the parties and, if so, to what extent. 7.8.2 Sites shall be identified in accordance with section 7.8.1 in the traditional territory of a Yukon First Nation prior to the signing of the final selection of the Yukon First Nation by the yukon First Nation`s final agreement negotiators. 3.9.3 If, after one year after the request for negotiation, the parties have not reached an agreement, either party may, within a further period of thirty days, refer all outstanding issues to the dispute settlement procedure provided for in point 26.4.0. 16.12.9 To the extent that the impact of final land selection on existing equipment grants cannot be resolved through negotiations between the equipment concession holder and a Yukon First Nation, the Government will compensate the equipment manufacturer for the demonstrable loss due to the concessionaire`s inability to use residential land within that territory for equipment. . . .

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